Scooters Factory - Really bad 110 Glance

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I'm just another unhappy customer from Scooters-factory in Rancho Cucamonga after the first ride my son's 110cc Mini Panther Did not started again the battery was dead the brake light never worked the oil cap was leaking oil, so I went back before the 30 day satisfactory warranty and try to get my money back but they won't give me any because the problems were fixable.two months later the battery died again.

so many little problems just for trying to save a few hundred dollars, in my opinion Lance bikes they are very poor quality.

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Scooters Factory - False Advertising of Prices in

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I'm pissed and I haven't even purchased anything from Lance.I spent entire evening reading 2008 Scooter Buyer's Guide in Scoot Magazine.

I decide what I will buy. I get online to order and ... what is listed in Mag. as 1299.00 is 1999.00 Online.

Every one of the scooters in the magazine is hundreds less than the prices online. What a waste of advertising dollars - do they think I will buy it anyway... NOT !!! I can't trust them on paper - I would NEVER trust their product to be of any better integrity than their company.

Good Riddens Scootersfactory !!!

Save your money !!!

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Scooters Factory Review - buyer beware!

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Scooters Factory (formerly known as xxx-motorsports; and also doing business as Lance Powersports), sells inferior quality products."Customer Service" is an oxymoron.

This company has failed to refund or repair products for many consumers. We purchased from them after their sales staff assured us that they had "moved beyond the problems of the past that resulted in a BBB rating of a D." They reporeted that the name change (from xxx-motorsports) was to "signify our improved effort to treat customers fairly." and not just an effort to distance themselves from the poor reputation. We recieved a product with missing parts and none of the appropriate documentation. After months of emailing and calling we still had not recieved documentation.

We discovered a few months later that the product we had recieved was not even the product we had ordered (we ordered a 150cc go-kart, but recieved a 124cc kart). When questioned, salesman stated that "124cc's is close to 150cc, so we advertise it as that." Do yourself a faver, read complaints filed on other websites (, the BBB (under, and various bulletin boards. Read the return/refund policies carefully. You have a significant chance of receiving the wrong product and then being responsible for the shipping costs to return it.

You have an equally significant chance of receiving a damaged or inoperable product and inadequate recourse. Dale Bradford, the "customer service" person, is in fact the "CEO" (Chief excuse officer), and obviously has no idea how to make customers whole.

He safes his company a few dimes at the expense of the companies reputation.I'll bet you that this company operates under a variety of names to hide from their poor practices.

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